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Mushrooms / PDF Sewing Pattern

Mushrooms / PDF Sewing Pattern

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Christmas decorations come in all forms and sizes, and mushrooms have become super popular as DIY ornaments. While they might not be your most traditional Christmas decor, they definitely add a fun and unique touch to your festive setup.

Using this pattern, you can sew your own fabric mushrooms and embellish them with beads, or get creative with embroidery, sequins, or other decorative elements.

This sewing pattern includes:

  • Print-friendly template
  • Materials list
  • Step by step sewing instructions

Happy crafting!

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The mushroom measure approx:
Height 10 cm



  • Fabric for mushrooms. I use two types of fabric; for the top and the bottom.
  • Soft toy filling
  • Beads for decoration

For this project, you will also need some crafting essentials: 

  • Sewing machine (can also be sewn by hand)
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Needle and thread
  • A small paint brush. I use this when I turn the right side out and need to get into all curves and corners to give the ornament the right shape. 


Interlining/ Vlieseline H200 (for fabric that fray easily)

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Decorate with fabric Mushrooms

Get ready for some mushroom magic in your Christmas decorations!

  • Mix and match the mushrooms with your favorite Christmas goodies, and dangle them on a string of twinkling lights in the window for an enchanting display.

  • Let the mushrooms work their charm as gift embellishments! Jazz up your presents by adding these cute decorative mushrooms to the wrapping or surprise your loved ones with them as adorable extra gifts to hang on the tree.

  • Pop your fabric mushrooms into a glass jar or arrange them on a whimsical tray, and watch the festive magic come to life.

  • Add a touch of charm to your Christmas table setting with these decorative mushrooms, making it even more special for your guests.

Got Questions about making fabric Mushrooms?

What fabric should I use for fabric mushroom ornaments?

Pick your favorite fabric! Cotton is a favored and convenient option, offering both stability and ease when sewing. However, you're not limited to it.

If you prefer thinner fabrics or synthetic materials, just add some interlining before cutting. For me, I usually go with Vlieseline H200 as I enjoy working with vintage, delicate fabrics.

Do I need a sewing machine to make DIY fabric mushrooms?

The sewing instructions in this guide are tailored for machine sewing, but you can certainly utilize the template for crafting handmade fabric mushrooms as well. Simply sew wrong sides together.

The hand stitching just makes the ornaments even more personal and charming.

Where can I shop for fabrics?

I mostly sew with recycled fabrics and rarely shop in fabric stores. Instead, I love visiting thrift shops, where I find fabric scraps, tablecloths, and curtains. I also come across beautiful dresses and shirts that are perfect for small DIY projects like Christmas and Easter decorations.

When I do buy fabric by the meter, I often opt for luxurious silk, which feels amazing to work with. On Etsy, you can also discover exquisite luxury fabrics; I recommend searching for brocade, jacquard, or embroidered fabrics. However, unlike thrifting, this can be a bit more costly.

Designed by Lisbeth Beck Mortensen

Hi, I'm Lisbeth, residing just outside Aarhus, Denmark. I'm a creative soul with a passion for decor and an affinity for vibrant colors in interior design.

Crafting beautiful artworks and helping others unleash their creativity is what drives me. That's why I founded, a place for all like-minded individuals who find joy in crafting amidst a busy world.

Let's embrace the art of creating and take time for the things we love!