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Moon / PDF Sewing Pattern (2 sizes)

Moon / PDF Sewing Pattern (2 sizes)

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I am completely obsessed with moons lately, and for Christmas, I made a big fabric moon as the tree topper for my little extra potted Christmas tree. But moons are not limited to Christmas decorations, and they can easily be made for spring or Easter too, hanging with a beautiful ribbon on a display cabinet, a branch, or in the window.

With this purchase, you'll receive sewing patterns for the moons in 2 sizes.

This sewing pattern includes:

  • Material list
  • Guide to Vliesofix
  • Guide & sewing pattern for small moon ornaments
  • Guide & sewing pattern for large moon
  • Print-friendly templates

There are plenty of possibilities to vary the expression of your moon by experimenting with different fabric patterns, textures, and colors to make the look truly special. For instance, you could use a metallic fabric for the moon and add some beads or sequins for a sparkling effect. You can also incorporate other embellishments like lace or ribbons to further enhance its charm.

Happy crafting!

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Product information


Small moon
Height 10 cm

Large moon
Height 17 cm (without spiral)



  • Fabric
  • Embroidery floss
  • Stuffing
  • Small fabric scraps for eyes and cheeks
  • Vliesofix (double-sided adhesive web)
  • Vanishing marker pen or pencil

For this project, you will also need some crafting essentials: 

  • Sewing machine (can also be sewn by hand)
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Needle and thread
  • A small paint brush. I use this when I turn the right side out and need to get into all curves and corners to give the ornament the right shape. 


Interlining/ Vlieseline H200 (for fabric that fray easily)

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You will not receive a physical product.

Download the guide and quickly dive into the joy of crafting!

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Thank you for respecting and supporting my small creative business ♥

Decorate with Moon Ornaments

The soft fabric moons are a fantastic way to add a touch of magic to your decor. They make the perfect gift for anyone who adores unique and personalized fabric decorations. And who wouldn't get thrilled about receiving a lovingly handcrafted and creative present?

Here are a few ideas for how to use the fabric moons in your Christmas decor:

  • Tree Topper: Crown your Christmas tree with the fabric moon for a unique and magical tree topper that will captivate everyone's attention.

  • Hanging Decoration: Suspend the fabric moon with a lovely ribbon from the ceiling or in your window

  • Display cabinet: Showcase the fabric moon on your display cabinet. It’s a small piece of handmade art and definitely deserves a prominent place

  • Gift Embellishment: Use the fabric moon as a charming adornment for gift wrapping, tying it with a colorful ribbon on top to make your presents even more special and enchanting.

Got Questions about making Moon ornaments?

Do I need a sewing machine to make fabric moon ornaments?

Creating fabric moon ornaments is really simple, whether you choose hand-sewing or a sewing machine. When using the machine, just stitch the heart pieces together with the right sides facing each other and then turn it inside out to conceal the seams.

For hand-sewing, merely stitch the heart together with the wrong sides facing each other using small, neat hand stitches.
Personally, I adore hand-sewn Christmas decorations, as they exude a wonderfully imperfect charm that complements the nostalgic and cozy ambiance of the holiday season.

In this guide, you'll find detailed step-by-step instructions on crafting a fabric moon ornament, accompanied by handy tips and tricks to achieve a beautiful result. Plus, we'll show you how to add delightful decorations to make your moon ornament truly special and enchanting!

Where can I buy nice fabric for my moon ornaments?

I love sewing with recycled fabrics and rarely go to regular fabric stores. Thrift shops are my go-to, where I find fabric scraps, tablecloths, curtains, and even clothes that are perfect for small DIY projects like Christmas and Easter decorations.

Sometimes, I buy fabric by the meter, and my favorite is luxurious silk for its amazing feel while working with it. If you're looking for fancy fabrics, Etsy has great options like brocade, jacquard, or embroidered fabrics, but they can be a bit more expensive compared to thrift shopping.

How to add personalized touches to my fabric moons?

Here are creative ways to add personalized touches to your fabric moons, plus a bonus tip:

  • Personalize your fabric moons with charming embroidery, such as initials, names, or special messages, to make them uniquely yours.
  • Add an extra layer of customization by using different fabrics to appliqué shapes or patterns onto the moon, creating a personal touch.
  • Let your artistic side shine with fabric markers, doodling delightful designs, quotes, or illustrations on the moon.
  • Embellish the fabric moons with beads and sequins in unique patterns or arrange them to form a word or a name.

Bonus Tip: For an enchanting sensory experience, add a touch of lavender or another pleasant scent inside the moon before sewing it shut. Your fabric moon will not only look fantastic but also smell wonderful!

Designed by Lisbeth Beck Mortensen

Hi, I'm Lisbeth, residing just outside Aarhus, Denmark. I'm a creative soul with a passion for decor and an affinity for vibrant colors in interior design.

Crafting beautiful artworks and helping others unleash their creativity is what drives me. That's why I founded, a place for all like-minded individuals who find joy in crafting amidst a busy world.

Let's embrace the art of creating and take time for the things we love!