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Christmas Cornets / PDF Sewing Pattern

Christmas Cornets / PDF Sewing Pattern

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This sewing pattern offers you two fabric cornet (cone) variations - one with a wavy edge and the other with a rounded edge and a scrunchie handle. Both cornets are lined, ensuring they maintain their lovely shape.

This sewing pattern includes

  • Print-friendly template for cornet (cone) with wavy edge
  • Print-friendly template for cornet with scrunchie handle and appliqués
  • Print-friendly templates for appliqués
  • Guide for appliqués / vliesofix
  • Step-by-step sewing instructions

For me, cornets represent a cherished tradition in Christmas decor, and I enjoy giving them a modern twist while adding my personal touch. You can get creative with embroidered tablecloths, crafting small embroideries, or incorporating appliqués to make them uniquely yours.

With the project requiring only minimal fabric, you can utilize small fabric scraps and leftovers from previous endeavors. Use my fabric cornet sewing pattern to effortlessly and joyfully create beautiful and personalized Christmas ornaments.

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The Christmas cornet measure
Height 12 cm (handle excluded)


Materials for Christmas cornet:

  • Fabric for the cornet and lining 
  • Ribbon for the handle

Materials for optional decorations:

  • Beads 
  • Fabric scraps for appliqués 
  • Embroidery floss 
  • Vliesofix (if making appliqués)

For this project, you will also need some crafting essentials: 

  • Sewing machine (can also be sewn by hand)
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Needle and thread
  • A small paint brush. I use this when I turn the right side out and need to get into all curves and corners to give the ornament the right shape. 


Interlining/ Vlieseline H200 (for fabric that fray easily)

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Decorate with Christmas cornets

Fabric cornets can be used in various creative ways for Christmas decorations. Here are a few ideas for how to use them to create a unique and personalized holiday setup:

  • Decorate the Christmas tree: Hang the fabric cornets on the Christmas tree and fill them with small treats or tiny gifts.

  • Make an Advent calendar: Use the fabric cornets as an alternative Advent calendar and fill them with small gifts or treats. Hang the cornets on a string or a branch, and let your children open one each day leading up to Christmas.

  • Use the fabric cornets as table decorations: Fill the cornets with Christmas goodies and place them around the table as part of your holiday decor. You can also adorn the cornets with ribbons, pine garlands, or small Christmas baubles.

  • Create a special gift: Utilize the fabric cornets as a creative way to present a gift. Fill the cornet with a small gift or a card. You can also embellish your Christmas presents with the fabric cornets as an extra personal touch.

Got Questions about making Christmas Cornets?

What type of fabric is best suited for the Christmas cornet?

For Christmas cornet ornaments, I use two fabrics - one for the outer and one for the lining. I prefer the lining fabric to be of a thinner quality than the outer fabric. For the outer fabric, you can use cotton, which holds the shape really nicely, or you can use synthetic fabric with interlining.

How can I personalize the Christmas cornet?

Personality is all in the details! I love adding special touches to my ornaments, giving them a modern and handmade look.

ere are some ideas to make your cornets truly stand out:

Upcycle vintage embroidered tablecloths to create a nostalgic vibe for your cornets.

Add beads that shimmer and catch the light. Play with various bead sizes and colors to achieve different effects.

Showcase your creativity with embroidery. You can experiment with decorative stitches, monograms, seasonal motifs, floral patterns, or even heartfelt holiday messages.

Give your cornets a unique twist with special handles. Try the scrunchie technique for a cozy and fun look, or explore alternatives like using ribbons in various colors and textures or even crafting a crochet handle for a touch of handmade charm.

Where can I buy nice fabrics for the Christmas cornets?

Thrift shops are my treasure troves, where I discover fabric scraps, tablecloths, curtains, and even clothes that are ideal for crafting small DIY projects like Christmas and Easter decorations.

Occasionally, I treat myself to fabric by the meter, and my top choice is luxurious silk for its incredible feel and ease of working with.

If you're in search of fancy fabrics, Etsy offers fantastic options like brocade, jacquard, or embroidered fabrics. Just be aware that they may come with a slightly higher price tag compared to the thrifting adventures I adore.

Designed by Lisbeth Beck Mortensen

Hi, I'm Lisbeth, residing just outside Aarhus, Denmark. I'm a creative soul with a passion for decor and an affinity for vibrant colors in interior design.

Crafting beautiful artworks and helping others unleash their creativity is what drives me. That's why I founded, a place for all like-minded individuals who find joy in crafting amidst a busy world.

Let's embrace the art of creating and take time for the things we love!