Patchwork Fabric Bow Tutorial

I love bows of all kinds, and you'll often find them jazzing up branches, Christmas trees, walls, and even my display cabinet.

So, I decided to whip up a pretty big fabric bow with a little hint of patchwork. Don't worry if you're not a patchwork pro – this project is totally doable. There's just a bit of patchwork involved, and I'll throw in a few neat tricks to make things super easy. I went for a patchwork style with a simple triangle pattern, but honestly, you can let your imagination run wild.

Patchwork Fabric Bow tutorial

I dug into my stash of fabric scraps for these bows, mixing up cotton and synthetic fabrics. On the lighter fabrics, I added interfacing (Vlieseline H200) on the back. The simplest option, however, is to go with regular cotton fabric since it doesn't stretch, and you can create neat folds with the iron.

So, here's a step-by-step guide to sewing the bow. I used my sewing machine for every step, but of course you can also sew the patchwork parts by hand if you prefer.


  • Fabric or fabric scraps (preferably 2-3 different colors)
  • Quality fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Ruler, you might consider a patchwork ruler
  • Optional: bias tape
  • An iron

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow

Sewing guide for the top of the bow


Start by cutting out 8 squares, each measuring 7x7 cm.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 1


Place two squares (one of each color) with right sides together.
Draw a diagonal line across the square, dividing it into two triangles.
Sew along the line with a 0.5 cm seam allowance on each side.
Trim along the drawn line.
Carefully press open the seam allowance (this step is important).
Trim the small corner points.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 2


Arrange your squares in your preferred pattern – remember to mirror the arrangement on the opposite side for symmetrical designs. (Feel free to customize the pattern as you like.) Sew the squares together with a 0.5 seam allowance.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 3


For the middle part of the bow, cut a fabric piece that's 15 cm wide and approximately 23 cm tall (you can always trim the height if needed; it's better to have extra rather than too little). Sew together the patchwork row and the middle piece of fabric.

Optional: Attach a delicate bias tape along one side. However, this step is not obligatory.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 4


With the front of the patchwork bow sewn, it's time to create the back piece of your bow. A quick method is to place the front piece on the back fabric and cut around it.

Align the front and back pieces with their right sides together, then sew along the edges. If you've added bias tape, remember to sew directly on top of your stitching or just slightly inside to keep the stitches concealed.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 1


Create a small diagonal cut at each corner to ensure sharp corners.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 6


Turn the bow right side out. Locate the center and gather the fabric to form charming pleats. Secure with a piece of string.How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 7

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 8

Sewing Guide for the bottom part of the bow


Cut a rectangular piece of fabric to form the base of the bow. It should measure approximately 35 cm wide and around 60 cm long.

Now, fold it in a lengthwise manner and then again crosswise, resulting in four layers of fabric.

Depending on your desired look for the bottom of the bow, you can now cut pointed ends.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 8


If you'd like to enhance the ends with bias tape, you can sew it on during this step. However, this step can also be skipped altogether.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 9


Stitch the lower part of the bow together. Fold the rectangular fabric along its length and sew the edges together, ensuring you leave a small gap in the center so you can turn it right side out.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 10


Find the center and create pleats in the fabric. Secure them by tying a string around the gathered section.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 11


Bring the two halves of the bow together by adding a piece of folded fabric or a delicate ribbon. You can insert a small golden cord for hanging.

How to sew a Patchwork Fabric Bow: Step 12

fabric bow diy

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