Paper Bell Garland (free printable)

Decking the halls with garlands is one of the coziest ways to spruce up your home during the Christmas season. The beauty of this project is that you can also use these delightful paper bells on a branch or as charming decorations for your Christmas tree.

I love experimenting with proportions while designing templates for Christmas crafts. For this DIY project, I've created miniature paper bells, each adorned with a dainty gold bead and thread. For those seeking a bit of flair, consider adding a small bow at the top of the bell!

Paper Bell Garland template

Paper for your Bell Garland

I always choose paper that I can print directly on, making the process even more convenient and enjoyable. This way, I can easily create multiple paper bells in no time and have fun experimenting with different designs and colors.

When crafting paper bells, I prefer using sturdy paper with a weight of around 120g, as it ensures the bells hold their shape beautifully and results in a more resilient final product. The versatility of this craft allows you to explore various decorative papers, like pearlescent or patterned paper, which add delightful and unique touches to your paper bells. However, regular paper works just as well, making it a matter of personal preference and creativity. So, have fun experimenting and creating your one-of-a-kind paper bells for the holiday season!

Making the Garland

You have the option to string the lovely paper bells together, or, for those who cherish the natural beauty of the season, craft a thin garland using cuttings from the Christmas tree, bringing the outdoors in with an enchanting touch. To make the garland, I just wrapped thin wire around my small spruce clippings.

If you're eager to get started on your own paper bell garland, I've provided a helpful guide below, along with a link to download the template.


  • Fine paper (120g cardboard, sturdy paper, or wallpaper)
  • Small paper scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Thread
  • Beads

How to make a Paper bell Garland

1.Download the template and print


Print the bells directly onto the paper of your choice. I recommend using 120g cardboard, as it's slightly thinner than regular cardboard and works well with most printers. Of course, you can also get creative with wallpaper or other sturdy paper. I've used pearlescent paper (120g) for my bells.

2. Cut out the bells

Carefully cut out each bell, making sure to stay within the printed lines (if you've used a printer). For each 3D bell, you'll need 5 individual bells. Fold each bell in half lengthwise, and if you want a sharp crease, gently score the fold with a needle.

Paper Bell Garland DIY - step by step guide

3. Glue the bells & attach the thread

Thread a bead onto your chosen thread and place it in the middle of the thread - you can secure the bead in place by tying a knot.

Now, glue your bell together - one half at a time. Once all halves are glued, insert the thread with the bead into the center and close the bell.

Paper Bell Garland DIY - step by step guide

Your beautiful bell is now ready to be hung. Add a small bow if you desire, and enjoy the festive charm it brings to your home!

Paper Bell Garland DIY - step by step guide


Paper Bell Garland DIY - step by step guide

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