How to sew Pomander Ball Christmas Ornaments

Fabric Christmas decorations are always a hit, and the creative interpretations of holiday classics never cease to amaze me. Personally, I find as much joy in dreaming up ideas and crafting homemade ornaments as I do in decorating for Christmas.

When it comes to decorating with orange fruit ornaments, the options are truly delightful. Dried orange slices make a charming garland for the Christmas tree or a lovely window display. For a crafty touch, you can create small ornaments with crocheted or knitted oranges.

The idea for these fabric oranges was inspired by "Pomander Oranges" or simply "Cloved Oranges. While mine might not have the same scent, you can fill them with a few cloves to capture that delightful aroma. The beautiful orange color adds a touch of warmth, making these oranges a perfect fit for our Christmas home.

How to sew Pomander Balls Christmas Ornaments / Step-by-step guide

Fabric hunting

When it comes to creating Christmas decorations, I love to sew and get creative with recycled materials. The search for just the right fabric or ribbon is always worth it because it can truly make all the difference. Using recycled materials for Christmas decor is brilliant because you don't need large quantities, and I personally find the hunt for nice vintage fabrics or clothing really fun and relaxing. I use all types of fabric for my ornaments, if they are thin or from a synthetic material I iron on interlining, which makes it a lot easier to sew.

How to make fabric Pomander Balls / Cloved Orange Ornaments


  • Fabric (mine is from a vintage jacket)
  • Red ribbon
  • Small black beads Thread for hanging
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Needle & thread

Sewing Instructions

  1. Begin by creating a small template for your oranges. You can trace around a glass or bowl to make a circular shape. My template measures approximately 10 cm in diameter.
  2. Place the fabric right sides together and secure the template in place with a needle or two. Carefully cut around the template without leaving a seam allowance.
  3. Sew the two fabric pieces together to form the orange shape, using a seam allowance of about 0.5 cm. Remember to leave a small opening to allow for turning the fabric right side out.
  4. Once sewn, turn the fabric right side out and stuff the orange with polyester stuffing to give it a plump appearance.
  5. Close the opening by hand-stitching it with small, neat stitches.
  6. Cut a small piece of ribbon and position it vertically around the orange. Pin the ribbon on each side to hold it in place while you sew the ends of the ribbon together.
  7. Create a small bow with the ribbon and sew it on top of the seam where the ribbon ends meet.For added stability, sew the ribbon to the bottom of the orange using a couple of stitches.
  8. To give your fabric orange the Pomander look, sew beads onto the surface of the orange.
  9. Finally, attach a thread or string to the top of the orange for hanging.

How to sew Pomander Balls Christmas Ornaments

Decorate with fabric Pomander Balls

Here are a few ideas for how to use your homemade fabric Pomander Balls:

  • Create a festive garland by stringing together a series of fabric pomander balls. Use the garland window sill decoration.
  • Hang your fabric pomander balls on the Christmas tree or a Christmas branch for a touch of handmade charm
  • Elevate your gift-wrapping game by using fabric pomander balls as unique and thoughtful gift toppers. Tie them to the ribbon or twine on your wrapped presents for an extra special touch.

sew fabric pomander balls for christmas

Happy crafting ♥

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