How to make Christmas Ornaments out of Wallpaper

Candy canes, mushrooms, hearts, and bells - let your creativity shine as you craft your own small Christmas ornaments from wallpaper - ideal for your Christmas tree, a sprig of birch, or on a small garland in the window alongside your other cherished holiday items.

How to make christmas ornaments from wallpaper / includes free printable

Using leftover wallpaper to craft Christmas ornaments is a brilliant way to breathe new life into materials that might otherwise go to waste. With their diverse patterns, textures, and colors, these leftover pieces can be turned into a variety of ornaments, so, before you toss those wallpaper remnants, consider giving them a second chance by turning them into delightful, handmade Christmas ornaments. I’ve added a few motifs in the free printable below, but you can of course also add your own motifs.

Tip for doing crafts with wallpaper

When crafting Christmas ornaments using wallpaper, be generous with the adhesive. I typically use a regular glue stick and apply a generous layer. I also allow the glue to dry a few seconds before joining the layers together.

Why use wallpaper for your Ornaments?

You can use both wallpaper or some lovely thick paper with beautiful patterns. Wallpaper is highly suitable for Christmas decor, as it often has a strong quality and doesn't wrinkle when adhesive is applied. This makes it easy to work with, whether you're using glue or a sewing machine. If you go for vintage wallpaper, the muted colors and beautiful floral motifs also give you a touch of Christmas nostalgia.

Elevate your Christmas decorations by adding a delicate ribbon and a touch of embellishment like gold beads and bows - your personal look is all in the details.
The ornaments can be crafted with or without stuffing. I've placed a small piece of batting between the layers to give them a soft and plusher feel. You can also choose to make them without stuffing and simply glue the layers together.

How to make christmas ornaments from wallpaper / step by step tutorial


  • Wallpaper or thick paper
  • Batting (if you want a soft filling)
  • Glue stick
  • Ribbon or thread for hanging
  • Optional beads
  • Sewing machine (if you want to sew them together)

How to make Christmas Ornaments from wallpaper

  1. Download and print your free template for Wallpaper Christmas Ornaments here. You can also draw your own designs.
  2. Cut out front and back pieces for your designs Cut a small piece of batting and glue it on the backside of one of your layers.
  3. Place the front and back pieces on top of each other and sew them together using a sewing machine. If you want to add a ribbon, remember to attach it at the top while sewing. Alternatively, you can add a thread afterward.

How to make christmas ornaments from wallpaper / includes free printable

Handmade Christmas decorations never goes out of style and to me Christmas is so much more than just paper hearts and cones. It's like the world of holiday decorations keeps expanding each year with fresh motifs, vibrant hues, and innovative materials - and I just love it♥

Thanks for reading and happy crafting ♥

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