Turn Toilet Paper Rolls into Stylish Caviar Tins

Do you also love DIY Christmas ornaments? Then this DIY guide for creating a caviar tin might be just what you're looking for. The tin is made from a cut section of a toilet paper roll with a lid and bottom attached. I love how something so simple can be transformed into something really fun and personal.

For this project, I've turned a toilet paper roll, some colorful fabric scraps, gold foil, and small beads into a delightful and eco-friendly creation that complements our Christmas decor. I plan to use the caviar tin either on the Christmas tree or a small Christmas branch. Alternatively, it can be reused as a charming decoration on the New Year's table.

The caviar tin measures only about 4 cm in diameter, which requires a bit of patience to get all the details in place. But I hope you'll enjoy the project as I find, there's nothing quite like Christmas crafting to help you unwind during the busy holiday season ♥

Toilet paper roll caviar can diy

DIY Caviar Tin

Materials for DIY Caviar Tin:

  • 1 x toilet or kitchen roll cut into "slices." Width approximately 1½-2 cm.
  • 1 piece of rectangular fabric for the tin (about 1½/2 cm x 13 cm - the length depends on the thickness of your toilet paper roll)
  • 1 x gold circle (about 4 cm - check the diameter of your toilet roll)
  • 1 x black cardboard circle
  • 1 x cardboard circle for the bottom
  • 2 x fabric circles for lid and bottom (preferably with interfacing underneath)
  • Small black beads
  • Embroidery thread
  • Gold cord or narrow ribbon
  • Optional: metal wire for a "key"
  • Optional: interfacing

Creative tools:

  • Glue gun
  • Pencil or disappearing ink pen
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Paper and fabric scissors

diy caviar can

Guide to Making the Caviar Tin

Lid & Caviar embroidery

1. Embroider the text on one of your fabric circles. This will be the lid of your caviar tin. Place the text at the top of one side of the circle. You can use a pencil or disappearing ink pen to write the text before embroidering. I recommend using small backstitches and a single thread for this step. (If you need help with this technique, you can find plenty of good YouTube guides.)

2. Glue your gold circle to the back of your fabric circle. It's important that the gold side faces downward so that it is visible from the back of your lid. A regular glue stick will suffice. Allow it to dry slightly.

3. Use a knitting needle to roll the lid, making it about half-open. Use a glue gun to secure the roll in place.

Make a Caviar ornament from a toilet paper roll

4. Now, create your caviar layer. Place your lid on top of the black circle and mark where the lid ends so you can see where the beads should start. Apply a good layer of glue and sprinkle small beads over it. Press them firmly into place. If there are any gaps, you can add some extra beads individually, but be careful as the glue gun can get hot.

5. Glue the lid onto the black circle, so you now have the lid and caviar as a single piece.

Make a Caviar ornaments from a toilet paper roll: step 2

Making the Tin

1. Glue your fabric strip onto the toilet paper roll. This will form the main body of the tin. I recommend using a regular glue stick, but double-sided tape can also work.

2. Apply a very thin strip of glue along the edge of the tin and attach the lid.

Make a Caviar ornaments from a toilet paper roll: step 3

Making the Bottom

1. Before gluing on the bottom, insert a thread for hanging. Thread a needle and pass it up through the tin. Now pull the thread back down through the same hole, forming a loop. Tie a knot at the ends to secure the thread.

2. Glue fabric onto the cardboard circle that will form the bottom of the tin. Once again, apply a thin strip of glue along the edge of the bottom of the tin and attach the bottom in place.

3. Finish by adding a gold cord or a thin ribbon along both the lid and bottom. Be patient while using the glue gun to ensure you get a thin stream of glue.
Optional: Create a small key from metal wire and insert it into the roll. If you don't have metal wire, you can also cut one from gold foil or cardboard.

Make a Caviar ornaments from a toilet paper roll: step 4

If you, like me, enjoy homemade Christmas decorations, don't forget to take a look at my templates and sewing patterns. They make it easy to embark on creative projects. With all my guides, you'll receive detailed instructions and print-friendly templates.

Make a Caviar ornaments from a toilet paper roll

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